Welcome to the MARQUES Black Friday!

Glad we caught your attention the title, but we just want to clear something out: As we establish ourselves as a boutique luxury brand, we believe it is time to explicitly say that you won't see MARQUES participating in any kind of holiday discount or seasonal sale now or in the future.

Even though it has been a common practice in the luxury fashion industry for large brands, it simply became a way to move excess inventory while leading clients to question if prices are truly worth it.

Firstly we truly believe in the quality and craftsmanship of our products, reflecting this on our prices throughout the year. We can safely state that you won't be able to find such materials and attention to detail where we position ourselves today.

Secondly, there will never be the need to move deadstock since we take a made-to-order approach when it comes to production. Something that allows us to be more sustainable, reducing production waste while keeping it more exclusive over time - Being this the reason for a waiting list when it comes to certain products.

Fundamentally our ambition is to grow without compromising our values, handpicking materials, paying fair wages, and produce in small quantities - so we charge accordingly, allowing us to grow sustainably over time and expand the MARQUES beyond fashion.

Our core message is to remember supporting small and independent creatives. We might not have the scale to charge you high-street prices, but we are the ones who create something unique before it becomes mainstream, we drive the future!

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