We are proud to announce our iteration into the upcycling movement on two fronts: through new designs and integration under our bespoke atelier.

The Synthesis Shirt is our first new design that reconstructs our signature shirt using scarves sourced during our trips around Europe. Our patrons can select a general colour scheme, each individual scarf that goes into the design, or for a special surprise simply trust the process and let us combine the different pieces into one bold look.





Created under the MARQUES Atelier, the bespoke arm of the Lisbon-Dubai based brand, is the Meldrum Fur Coat. This piece is an example of our craftsmanship and was commissioned by one of our loyal patrons. A vintage raccoon fur coat completely taken apart and re-engineered by our craftsmen with a new inner structure, lining, and re-nourished fur - a showcase of a sustainable approach to real fur into the fashion industry.

With several more designs to be released over the coming year, these pieces take our commitment to a sustainable strategy beyond the already implemented practices such as made-to-order production and exclusive use of natural fibers.

The Synthesis shirt is currently available on ranging between 250€ and 1000€ with a limited number for immediate delivery. Bespoke works such as the mentioned Meldrum Fur Coat can be quoted upon request and prices will vary based on materials and complexity.

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