After a year and a half of showcasing our luxurious silk sets, Italian leather layers and complex designs, MARQUES goes back to basics to present our first line of wardrobe essential staples.

Worn at home or on the streets, layered or by itself, for men or women, this selection of essential designs perfectly complements more extravagant pieces for a bold statement or are worn by themselves for a discreet look. Each design is elevated with the embroidery of MARQUES’ signature logo or the double M motif, sometimes even embellished with gold-plated hardware for an extra level of refinement. While our t-shirts are crafted from organic cotton, the hooded sweaters include a small portion of recycled polyester for elasticity - both respecting vegan manufacturing practices and produced according to the Global Organic Textile Standard.

"We want MARQUES to be present in your life every day, not just on a night out or a special occasion and that is where our essentials come to life. We started by picking the finest materials, adding our subtle signature, and constructing something comfortable that one can wear lounging at home watching Netflix or put a crocodile jacket over and head out the house still looking proper.” said John Marques, founder and creative behind MARQUES. 


The Essentials line kicks off with 12 garments including hooded sweaters and t-shirts in a colour-scheme picked from the brand’s main collections: Obsidian Black, Malibu White, and Malachite Green. 

All pieces are now exclusively available on the official website ranging between 100€ and 140€ limited to the existing stock. 

MARQUES Essentials White Hoodie Gold Hardware Editorial

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