The Gallery brings you a step closer inside the MARQUES house with a dive into the founder's personal photographic archives developed over the past decade. 

Photography was part of Marques' life from an early age and became more present over time until it became an intrinsic part of his everyday life over the past ten years. It was during this period that Marques started to capture his travels and lifestyle for himself, social media, and clients.

Now you have the chance to browse a curated selection of his pictures on The Gallery and display your favourite images at home, office, or wherever you find it appropriate. 

Most of the images one can find on The Gallery were first captured with a Leica Q camera and later printed in Germany on museum-quality paper. On the website, you will be able to find each scene in two versions: color and dark, each limited to only 50 prints ranging from 20x30cm to 80x120 cm.

Available exclusively online, the prints can be found on with prices between 50€ and 350€.

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