MARQUES is a way to express its founder's passion for the finer things in life. Even though the original idea behind our brand dates back many years, it was in 2018, over a cup of coffee at The Peninsula in Paris, when the opportunity to start the label becomes reality. Gathering inspiration from its founder's travels and experiences over the years across the world, MARQUES associates itself with a fast-paced lifestyle worn along roadster Aventadors and golden presidents.

After almost two years spent between Lisbon and Dubai creating new designs, scouting materials, constructing prototypes, and ultimately handcrafting the final pieces with our master-craftsmen - the first MARQUES Collection is here. Each piece created to celebrate an elevated perspective on life shown using exotic materials, stimulating textures, and exuberant patterns.

MARQUES is a dream turned into reality through dedication and craftsmanship.


The man behind the brand carrying his family's surname and once described by Esquire Middle East as "an Authority in Luxury".

Based between Dubai and Lisbon, Marques comes from a small town in the Portuguese countryside but over the years his will to achieve more along with a passion for luxury led him to study the field at the International University of Monaco.

This step ultimately led him to the United Arab Emirates and starting a career in the first Arab Hypercar manufacturer - W Motors, a boutique company dedicated to creating multi-million euro hypercars.

It was in Dubai where his persona gathered significant attention across social media, leading to a nomination as one of the most promising content creators in the Middle East along with many projects and experiences over the years: from driving Formula 1 cars in Abu Dhabi's YAS Circuit to shooting an editorial at the former Portuguese royal palace with looks worth over half a million euros.

Over the years these experiences added up leading to the attendance of Men's Fashion Week in Milan and Paris - ultimately leading to Marques' decision to establish his namesake label. 

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