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João Marques, founder of luxury brand MARQUES, has a passion for the luxury industry. After studying at the International University of Monaco, he honed his skills in Dubai and launched his eponymous label, which has expanded beyond fashion into fragrances, art, and accessories. He is a visionary in the industry and an authority in luxury. Read More

João Marques, the founder and creative director of his eponymous luxury brand, has had a passion for the luxury industry from a young age. Growing up in a small town in southern Portugal, he knew that to pursue his dreams, he would have to set out on a journey to find his place in the world of luxury.

This journey led him to study at the International University of Monaco, where he earned a Master's degree in Luxury. After graduation, he honed his skills in Dubai, working in marketing and communications for the Arab sports car manufacturer, W Motors. His experience in the industry, along with his unique sense of aesthetics, led to consulting and creative projects with a number of reputable brands across the luxury industry: from Rolls Royce and Etihad, to Franck Muller and Mandarin Oriental. His work on social media has also been recognized, being regarded as one of the 10 most promising figures on social media in the region by Esquire Middle East.

It was while attending Men's Fashion Week in Paris as a content creator, that the opportunity to launch his own eponymous label finally presented itself. Later in 2020 and after a couple of years working behind the scenes, he debuted a collection that fused his passion for the finer things in life with his unique aesthetic, resulting in a brand that is characterized by its use of fine materials, exotic textures, and bold prints. Now, the brand has expanded beyond fashion and into fragrances, art, and accessories.

As the latest endeavor under the MARQUES label, João Marques also developed a travel guide that blends his brand aesthetic and positioning with his work on social media. The guide features suggestions for the best places to stay, visit, explore, shop and dine in several cities. This guide is now online and will take physical form as a coffee table book with curated imagery ath the end of 2023.



"Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the world of MARQUES. As the founder and creative director, I invite you to join me on a journey of inspiration, creativity, and luxury through my Instagram account. You will be granted exclusive access to the inner workings of my brand, and the driving force behind it. Follow me now, and stay ahead of the curve."

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