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Fine Silks, Exotic Textures, and Bold Monograms: MARQUES' Chapter I Collection

MARQUES, the luxury fashion house founded by John Marques, is proud to unveil their debut collection: Chapter I - Birth of an Empire. This collection, a true celebration of life as an art form, is a masterful fusion of the cultures and craftsmanship of Portugal and the United Arab Emirates.

Comprising of 12 limited edition pieces, this collection showcases an expert blend of fine silks, exotic crocodile textures, and bold monograms, creating a polished aesthetic that is both effortless and elegant. From silk ensembles adorned with the brand's signature MM monogram, to extravagant outerwear crafted by master artisans, each piece exudes a refined sophistication.

"After years of nurturing the idea of creating my own label, reflecting my taste and style, it was while attending Men's Fashion Week that the opportunity presented itself and work on this passion project began. At the core, this collection is my way of expressing a passion for the finer things in life," said John Marques, founder and creative director of MARQUES.

The collection is available for purchase online in limited quantities and bespoke pieces can be commissioned at any time through email or direct message on social media. Private appointments to explore the collection can also be arranged across the globe upon prior arrangement. MARQUES' Chapter I - Birth of an Empire is a true testament to the art of luxury fashion, and a must-have for connoisseurs of style.

Members of the press can find the complete Press Release Kit with further details, HD images, videos, and more here.


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