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La Samaritaine

La Samaritaine, a luxurious department store located in the heart of Paris, has recently reopened its doors after a fifteen year closure. The store, which originally opened in 1869, is known for its iconic Art Nouveau facade. Upon reopening, La Samaritaine has truly established itself as a hub for luxury, featuring a wide selection of designer brands and artisanal products, as well as a palace hotel from the 5-star Cheval Blanc group, a Cinq Mondes spa, personal shopping services, a beauty studio, concierge, and formal and casual dining options.

The store's redesign, by Japanese architectural firm Sanaa, perfectly blends the building's historic art nouveau and art deco elements with contemporary features and touches, creating a truly unique and luxurious shopping experience. The iconic facade has also been restored to its former glory, making it a must-see attraction for tourists and fashion enthusiasts.

With its prime location and stunning selection of high-end products, La Samaritaine is a must-visit destination for any tourist looking to indulge in luxury and style. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the opulence and glamour of this historic department store.

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