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MARQUES Celebrates One Year with Middle East Tour, Capsule Collection and NFT Auction

MARQUES, the luxury label known for its impeccable attention to detail and commitment to quality, is officially celebrating its one-year anniversary with a limited capsule collection and an NFT artwork auction. The brand, founded and led by John Marques, is marking the occasion with a tour of the Middle East, including trunk shows in Dubai, Riyadh, Doha, and Kuwait City, and the release of a limited-edition capsule collection and an NFT artwork.

Starting on Monday, November 29th 2021, the label’s founder and creative director will be showcasing its latest anniversary capsule along with all previous collections at a luxury hotel suite following our successful Private Trunk Show approach. The new Anniversary capsule embodies our “bold yet discreet” aesthetic with a predominant use of velvet in a dark royal purple colour scheme on mostly outerwear pieces. The four different designs will be available only during the Middle East tour with deliveries scheduled for January 2022.

As part of our anniversary celebrations and marking our entrance into the digital era, we will also be auctioning our first NFT artwork on Rarible starting December 1st, the official first anniversary of MARQUES, until December 7th. The artwork, created by John Marques using his favourite technique of collage, was made using fragments of local fashion publications, and the whole construction process can be replayed on MARQUES’ Instagram account.

"Today I am incredibly proud to celebrate MARQUES first anniversary in Dubai! It was a long way to get here, even before our first official day on December 1st 2020, and now watching the brand grow and establish itself thanks to our patrons, our team, and the press support is unbelievably rewarding," said John Marques, Founder & Creative Director of MARQUES. "We see the coming year as an opportunity to keep growing our product range and focus on our core values, betting on the craftsmanship and creativity of our Bespoke Atelier in areas beyond fashion.”

The Private Trunk Show will take place in Dubai (29th November to 5th December), Riyadh (6th to 8th December), Kuwait City (9th to 11th December), and Doha (12th to 14th December) and reservations can be made on our Instagram here or using the contact details here. Simultaneously, our MARQUES has always been a brand that is dedicated to craftsmanship, creativity, and sustainability. The limited capsule collection, NFT artwork auction, and Middle East tour are a celebration of these core values and the brand's one-year anniversary. The brand's founder and creative director, John Marques, has always been dedicated to creating designs that are bold yet discreet, and this limited capsule collection is no exception. The velvet outerwear pieces in a dark royal purple color scheme are sure to make a statement, and the tour will provide an opportunity for clients and press to view the collection up close. The NFT artwork "The Tour" is a perfect representation of the brand's entrance into the digital era, and the auction will provide an opportunity to own a piece of MARQUES history. The artwork is a photomontage piece exclusively uses fragments of local fashion publications, and the whole construction process can be replayed on MARQUES’ Instagram account. To book an appointment for the Private Trunk Show and to view the limited capsule collection, please contact MARQUES via Instagram or email, and to place a bid on the NFT artwork "The Tour" visit MARQUES continues to be a brand that is dedicated to quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability, and the one-year anniversary celebrations are a testament to the brand's commitment to these values.

Press members can access the complete Media Kit on Dropbox here.


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