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MARQUES dresses the "Villain"

MARQUES is excited to share the latest music video for Kitoya Ko's song "Villain", which marks the artist's return to music and features a full MARQUES look. The video, directed by Ricardo Bernardino, was shot between Lisbon and Porto and is the first music video in the world to be fully shot with the new Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The music video showcases MARQUES' iconic LX/DXB Destination jacket and a matching Signature Silk Shirt, both from the brand's Chapter I capsule. The colors of red and green hues are used throughout the video to complement the MARQUES' look and adds to the overall aesthetic of the video.

"We're thrilled to have our designs featured in such a visually stunning music video, and we couldn't be happier with the final product," said John Marques, founder and creative behind MARQUES. "Kitoya Ko's style and aesthetic perfectly align with our brand and we couldn't be more excited to have our clothing worn by the artist in this music video."

You can now watch the music video on YouTube here and see MARQUES' designs in action.


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