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MARQUES' Mediterranean Dreams: A Refined Take on Bohemian Luxury

MARQUES presents our latest collection, Chapter II: Mediterranean Dreams, a capsule collection that exudes bohemian luxury for the discerning man. Drawing inspiration from the warm and vibrant seasons of Southern Europe, from Marbella to Mykonos, this collection is a celebration of refinement and style.

Comprising of 12 pieces, this collection breaks away from our previous monochrome palette and embraces color for the first time, with subtle golden hues and the introduction of the "Malachite Mosaic" print, a nod to the natural hues and textures of the mineral.

"Once more, we have found a way to express our passion for life and the finer things in it through the MARQUES lenses. I am proud to take a step further into the growth of our house and venture into sartorial grounds with the introduction of our Grimaldi Jacket by the hands of master tailors.” said John Marques, founder and creative behind the brand.

Elevate your summer wardrobe with the luxury and sophistication of Mediterranean Dreams by MARQUES. The collection is now available for purchase, don't miss the opportunity to make a statement with this must-have collection.

Members of the press can find the complete Press Release Kit with further details, HD images, videos, and more here.


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