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Ralph's is a stunning restaurant located in the heart of Paris that offers a unique blend of vintage charm and modern sophistication. The ambiance is cozy, with dark wood panel walls and a lived-in comfort feel, thanks to the sturdy wood beams, worn leather, and unfinished limestone. The Equestrian theme is enhanced by saddle racks and vintage horse blankets, and the fireplace mantle is adorned with a vast countryside landscape painting. The background music, which ranges from classic American 1940s and Big Band-era tunes, adds to the romantic atmosphere, which is further enhanced by the variety of iron sconces, tea light votives, and substantial hurricanes.

As for the food, Ralph's offers a menu crafted from Ralph Lauren's personal choices, with an appreciation for diverse palettes. The lobster, Maryland-style crab cake, specialty burgers, and Black Angus beef are all highlights, but the steaks, which are sourced from Ralph Lauren's own Double RL Ranch in Colorado, are especially noteworthy. The succulent tenderloin and strip steaks are served with spinach and french fries as sides, along with three different sauces: pepper, BBQ, and horseradish. The burgers, salads, crabcakes, and burrata-zucchini are also worth trying, as is the famous Ralph's brownie. The restaurant also has a generous mocktails list, as well as a selection of the finest American and French wines.

The interior design of the restaurant, which has been signed by Ralph Lauren himself, is reminiscent of an American country club, with a rustic yet sophisticated atmosphere in the courtyard. The sound of flowing water from the horse fountain adds to the serenity of the space, which has beautiful vintage and modern fabrics, weathered teak, and wrought iron crafts. The commitment to making every guest's experience unique is evident in the subtle changes to tabletop settings and linens for each meal.

Overall, Ralph's is a truly exceptional dining experience, offering great American food in a beautiful and romantic setting. The service is nice and the atmosphere is chic and glamorous, yet informal and sophisticated. Ralph Lauren's vision for the restaurant, to be the best of its kind in Paris, has certainly been realized.

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