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Scalini Dubai is an Italian fine-dining stalwart that captures the bountiful wonders of Italy’s coastal islands with a sophisticated twist. The dining experience begins as you enter through an Amalfi-inspired terrace that sits under a magnificent lemon tree. The interior is painted in hints of soft neutral tones, creating a traditional Italian-style ambiance that instantly puts you at ease.

Located in Four Seasons’ Restaurant Village, Scalini Dubai may be in the midst of some more-than-healthy competition, but its exquisite dishes will undoubtedly leave you feeling fulfilled. With a menu consisting of classic Italian dishes and seasonal specials curated by Chef Giuseppe Giampietro, the robust collection of flavors and ingredients does the talking.

The starters alone are a true indulgence, with the fresh burrata and breaded calamari being indisputable choices that win over the palate convincingly. For the main course, the gorgonzola tortellini and hubcap-proportioned veal Milanese are magnificently rich and lovingly prepared dishes that will wrap you in a warm embrace of culinary delight.

If you're a seafood aficionado, the branzino and gamberoni alla Mediterranean are perfect picks, guaranteed to leave even the most discerning of seafood lovers purring with praise. Sides are a must and the zucchini fritte is a highlight from a modest menu that perfectly complements the main dishes.

As expected from a fine-dining establishment, the dessert menu is a sweet encounter to remember with pistachio gelato, tiramisu, and an impeccable crème brûlée with a velvety texture that will stick to your mind.

Scalini Dubai is a sophisticated and memorable dining experience with white tablecloths, generous portions, and quality ingredients that embody the essence of traditional Italian cuisine with a contemporary twist.


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