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LX Factory

LX Factory is an alternative artistic neighborhood located in the Alcântara district of Lisbon. This innovative hub was once a factory complex that dates back to 1846, but it was reborn in 2008 as a "factory" of creativity and experiences. It has retained its industrial spaces while inviting in companies related to the arts, which later brought in shops, cafes, and restaurants. Today, LX Factory is one of the country and Europe's foremost creative hubs, housing a diverse range of start-up businesses and attracting countless visitors.

At LX Factory, you will find over 50 shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. It is a place where a little bit of everything can be found, from fashion to books, vintage furniture to contemporary design, and dining options ranging from sushi to burgers. The interiors maintain many of the old pieces, while the façades are often adorned with street art.

One of the highlights of LX Factory is Ler Devagar, a bookstore located in a former printing shop. It has been considered one of the world's most beautiful bookstores, with an old printing press and books stacked up to the ceiling. It also has a small cafe and regularly hosts cultural events.

If you visit LX Factory on a Sunday, be sure to check out the market. It features crafts, original design pieces, fashion and accessories (both new and second hand), and even fruits and vegetables from various producers.

Overall, LX Factory is a cool place to visit.

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