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Mimi Kakushi

Mimi Kakushi is a trendy restaurant located at the Four Seasons Resort's Restaurant Village that offers a sophisticated dining experience that evokes 1920s Osaka. The kitchen, led by Kim Vladimir, has put its own creative stamp on each dish, serving up innovative Japanese-accented cuisine that punches up flavors with citrus and spice and elevates well-known recipes with unique ingredients. Some standout dishes include foie gras gyoza, pistachio miso short ribs, beef tataki with truffle ponzu, and salmon sashimi with a jalapeno relish. The plating is intricate and adds to the overall dining experience.

The atmosphere at Mimi Kakushi is always buzzing, with a sultry soundtrack that pays homage to the flourishing jazz age and chic colonial-style interiors that make you feel like you've entered a vintage private members club. With its exotic decor and lively atmosphere, this is a popular spot among foodies and those looking to experience a unique dining atmosphere. Booking in advance is highly recommended.

The service at Mimi Kakushi is enthusiastic and well-structured, and the restaurant uses good quality ingredients to create classic Japanese dishes with a contemporary twist. Mimi Kakushi is considered number 19 on the 50 Best Restaurants list for the Middle East and Africa. If you're looking for a trendy and sophisticated dining experience in Dubai, Mimi Kakushi is an excellent choice.

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