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SailTagus offers a charming and unique way to experience the beauty of Lisbon from the waters of the Tagus River. Departing from the newly inaugurated Doca de Santo Amaro in the heart of the city, guests are invited aboard the elegant Xalabar for a tour under the iconic 25 de Abril bridge and along the river to the Torre de Belém.

Founded in 2015, SailTagus saw an opportunity to provide a truly premium and inclusive service in Lisbon. The company's vessel, the Xalabar, underwent an extensive restoration process to ensure it was fully equipped to accommodate guests in style. The result is a beautifully crafted traditional boat that exudes charm and comfort.

Experience Lisbon from a whole new perspective with SailTagus. The views of the city from the Tagus River are breathtaking, and the Xalabar offers the perfect setting for a leisurely and sophisticated sail.


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