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Browns Avenue

As a connoisseur of refined travel experiences, I recently had the pleasure of staying at the Browns Avenue hotel in Lisbon. I must say, the entire experience exceeded my already high expectations. This is the first five-star offering from the Browns Avenue hospitality brand and, as expected, it lives up to its well-earned rating.

The hotel's contemporary design is a standout feature. Its sleek lines and modern touches make it feel like a true urban oasis. One unique and intriguing feature is the museum in the basement showcasing the ruins found on the location during construction, adding a layer of historical depth to the overall ambiance of the hotel. The rooms, albeit on the smaller side, are meticulously designed, with some featuring a standalone bathtub in the center of the room. This luxurious touch adds to the overall sense of indulgence the hotel offers. The common areas are equally lovely, with comfortable seating and a relaxing atmosphere.

One fascinating concept at Browns Avenue is the "honesty bar," allowing guests to prepare their own drinks and charge themselves accordingly. It's a refreshing change from the usual hotel bar experience and adds to the sense of community at the hotel. The collection of coffee table books scattered throughout the hotel common areas and rooms is another standout feature, with an incredible selection from the likes of Assouline to Taschen, adding to the sophistication of the hotel.

The indoor courtyard at Browns Avenue is a peaceful spot for breakfast or lunch during the summer months, offering a welcome respite from the sounds of the city outside. Though there is no gym at Browns Avenue, guests can easily maintain their exercise routine by exploring the city's charming and hilly streets.

Perfectly located in the heart of Lisbon, Browns Avenue is steps away from Avenida da Liberdade, one of Europe’s glitziest boulevards, lined with designer boutiques and grandiose mansions. It is the perfect spot for exploring all that Lisbon has to offer. The rooftop pool is another highlight of the hotel, with cool vibes in shades of green from the pool to the plants surrounding it. It is a relaxing and rejuvenating spot to spend a few hours.

In conclusion, Browns Avenue hotel in Lisbon is a luxurious and sophisticated hotel that impresses with its unique concept and great location. I highly recommend it to those who appreciate a refined travel experience.


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